Frequently Asked Questions:


Don't see the answer to your question regarding shipping? Feel free to message us through our Contact Page :)

I wish everyone was close enough so that I could deliver all of your orders personally:) Being dependent on shipping services our shipping costs are calculated by USPS. Our site does seem to under calculate for orders including more items. On average we cover 20%-50% of the shipping costs since once it reaches a certain weight your cost doesn't go up however, the actual cost to ship does.

We would love to offer free shipping however, we love more keeping our prices on all of our gifts super low and feel that it saves costs on overall orders. We hope to try and always offer monthly coupons and make things weigh out as best as possible in your favor.

Thanks so much for understanding:)

Our processing time for most items is 1-3 business days. If the order is placed before 1pm EST it is often processed that same day.

During Nov-Jan the holidays close down shipping centers and they get behind. The mental well-being of our customers and staff is super important to us. We recommend ordering a few weeks early. Your gifts will arrive with lots of time to spare, or right on time if something holds it up. 

Personalized mugs take about 2-3 weeks for us to design, make, and send out. Shipping time varies depending on the delivery location and the weight. Any package over a pound automatically ships with 1-3 day priority mail unless a slower shipping method is selected. Really large heavy boxes may travel UPS and take just a little longer. Hope this help.

We try our best to process and ship orders as quickly as possible - which means we're not always able to change the shipping address after the order has been placed. If you've just placed your order, feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will try our best to accommodate you! 

If we're unable to change the address, or it's been a day or two since you've placed your order, there is also the option of contacting USPS and re-routing your package to the correct address! You can contact USPS here.

We are happy to help if we are able to!

(Updated 1.19.2020)

Normally non-personalized orders are processed in 1 business day. Due to current circumstances we are experiencing some delays in shipping. Currently it is taking 2-4 days to process orders. Thanks so much for your patience over the next few weeks until we can get back to normal. If your order is not personalized, you choose the shipping speed that best fits what you need. 

For items that have to be customized and made by hand, feel free to contact us with your order number, and we can let you know exactly when these could be made and shipped.

Can you ship internationally?

We would love to however we are not able to because of reoccurring issues we had when it was open. Some packages required high duties to pick up and we would have no way to know when they would be required. Shipping times and fees were high for the friends. We know some use international parcel forwarding services to order from us and have the item routed to them, that might be an option. We wish we could offer the service!

The best way to calculate the total of an order is to add the items of interest to your cart and begin to check out. It will calculate the total, including shipping costs, before you complete your order.

Every once in a while we'll have packages say they've arrived but they're not at your doorstep yet. This could happen either because it was delivered by the postman to the wrong address or the postman/office still has the package. We suggest reaching out to your neighbors first to see if your package got delivered to them by a mistake. Then reach out to the post office and see if your package is still in their possession. And of course feel free to contact us and we'll try our very best to help with you getting your items! :)

Returns and Exchanges

We do accept returns! As long as it is within 30 days of purchasing. Also to receive a refund the items would need to be put back in its original packaging, unused. Contact us through our Contact Page and we will give you all the details on how to return your items! :) 

Unfortunately, once an order is placed we can't add items to it or change it. However, we may be able to cancel your order (if it hasn't already been processed/shipped) if you contact us through our Contact page. Keep in mind, though, that orders can process within hours if the order is placed before 1pm EST :)


If you have questions in regards to any other products feel free to contact us through our Contact Page :) 

Only the products that say "customizable" or "personalized" in the product listing can be personalized. Unfortunately any other items we can not edit, change the design to, or customize. Sorry about that! 

Right now we have a collection on our home page dedicated to gifts that we have been able to carry in Spanish! You can find this collection here. We wish we could have every item translated, however right now it's not feasible. Thanks for understanding! :)

I sure wish we could! However currently we can only make cases for Apple products.

For help finding the correct iPad case size you can check out our How To video on our Videos Page.

Coupons & Shopping

Don't see the answer to your question? Feel free to message us through our Contact Page :)

Yes we do! You can find them here. :)

Our products are carried at the Harvest Inn in Pine Bush, New York!

We have many coupons available on the Coupon Page of our website! :) Look for one there that might apply to your order. 

You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter that sends out our best coupon code at the beginning of each month! Scroll to the bottom of our website to sign up and save! 

When choosing prices for our items we select them with full-time servants in mind and have made them as low as possible, which doesn't leave much wiggle room for more discounts. We do offer coupons with our monthly newsletter and on the coupons page found here: Coupons Page. :)