Can I select a less expensive shipping?

I sure wish you could, however USPS requires that any package over 16 ounces be shipping with priority mail. Our website calculates the package weight from our address to yours. Sometimes on large orders we are able to save a little. If it seems to be calculating off by a lot feel free to send us an email and we are happy to refund overages if there are any.

Do you have this item in Spanish?

We have a sister helping us translate our gifts into Spanish. Right now, we have a collection on our home page dedicated to our gifts that we have been able to stock in Spanish. We will be building this section to include more gifts this spring/summer:) Wish we could have everything translated, however we are working on one gift at a time:)

Can you ship internationally?

We decided to open this up upon a request basis. The only trouble we were experiencing with international shipping was correct calculation of shipping charges on small orders. We realized on larger orders of around $200 the shipping levels out and we do not have any problems with them. If you would like to place an order I can open it up for a moment, just let me know we are happy to help. I recommend checking with the local post office to see if any duties would be taxed upon picking up your package. Also any items damaged while shipping we would be happy to refund, however would not be able not replace them. Happy to help if we are able:)

Can you make a case for devices other than Apple?

I sure wish we could however we can only get them for Apple products.

Can you rush my order?

We are happy to help if we are able to. Often items that are not customized can be rushed more likely than ones that have to be customized and made by hand. Feel free to contact us with your order number.

What would shipping be for these items traveling to this location?

The best way to calculate the total of an order is to add the items of interest to your cart and begin to check out. It will calculate the total including shipping costs before you complete your order.