About Us

We are so thankful for this little shop and wanted to share about why and how much pleasure it has brought us to make gifts for you all. A little about our story...
I'm Dana and my husband is Travis, we were married in 2003 in North Carolina, and had the goal of pioneering together from the start. Back then I would make jewelry for 3-4 boutiques in the area. After 2 years we reached our goal and by keeping life super simple and were able to pioneer together for about 7 years in SC. Our ministry there was amazing! We had lots of studies and loads of young ones to encourage and take in the ministry with us. Our goal was Gilead around the time that they establish BSCC, so that became the new goal.
We were accepted to BSCC in 2013 yay!! We attended school in Salisbury at the assembly hall in NC and were assigned to the Persian field in NEW YORK! Yes, coming from a smaller town this was a huge change for us, but we learned so much while we were there. We learned a lot about working with a foreign language group and saw first hand how Jehovah's love for people is seen by them when you come to their door speaking their language. It’s really a beautiful thing to experience.
After 3 years in NY we needed to move back to NC since my mom was struggling with cancer. This is when we started HappierToGive. We were special pioneering in NY and we had to find work quickly to be able to move back home. I have always thoroughly enjoyed gifting, and so often would hand make gifts for people since we didn’t have much in the way of gifts that fit our occasions just for Witnesses. I started with a few greeting cards and was over the moon the first time we had someone like them enough to order them. Once I finished the greeting card set my mind filled with all the wonderful gifts that could be made for brothers and sisters. I have always been a busy girl, even in down time I’m generally happiest when I’m still busy, especially when I get to be creative. Needless to say we filled our shop pretty quickly. And had sooooo much fun doing it!
In NC we were able to jump back into LDC and start maintenance training for 10 of the surrounding Kingdom Halls. I loved this so much, it was so eye opening to see how Jehovah is training his people to be safe for the new system and also how to stretch out the life of buildings so that we can keep them longer. One of the most loving arrangements though was seeing how the equalizing principle is truly applied by saving funds for all of the halls that are in need worldwide. I’m grateful to have Jehovah’s perspective on this and it makes me feel so proud of our organization.
Things in our personal life came to the biggest change in 2019 when mom was really sick, during that time most of our attention went to her and family. She passed in Oct., and Jehovah was with us every step of the way. He truly is “near the brokenhearted”. We have been on the mend since and have been able to regain our joy.
I just wanted to share a BIG THANK YOU to all of you friends that share such sweet comments on our Instagram page or send in emails! I can't tell you what a delight it is to have all of you to paint and design for. When life felt overwhelming these past few years being creative, turning that into gifts, and having people to share it with, brought me so much happiness in difficult times. This little shop has been such a blessing and I just wanted to say how grateful I am for it!