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$5 off

For orders over $65 you can use code : 5OFF65

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For orders over $125 you can use code : 10OFF125

10% off

For the rare occasion that you need a bundle of gifts for a group and your order is $250 or over use the coupon code : BUNDLE10. This code also takes an extra 10% off the already discounted gift bag kits. Happy gifting!:)

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For the mug collection we have added the coupon code MUGS10 for orders of 10 mugs or more it will take 10% off any mugs added to your cart.

Newsletter Coupon Code (best one;)

We also send out a 10% off coupon on the first Monday of each month with our newsletter. It's for our entire shop with no minimum purchase, just a monthly thank you to all of our followers:) You are welcome to sign up below.