"Nothing But Joyful" : Happy Car Group : Ceramic Mug

"Nothing But Joyful" : Happy Car Group : Ceramic Mug

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How often do we load into a car and have the best days preaching, laughing and encouraging one another! I found this verse and just loved it so much. As I was working on the artwork and listening to a Gilead program a talk came on based on this exact same verse:) The sunset in the back perfectly represents the joyful peak of a long day in service when everyone is headed home filled with joy from a day spent in service. Hope you all enjoy it! 

•11-ounces (Regular)
•Measures 3.8” high x 3.2” diameter
•Microwave and dishwasher safe
•Strong, ceramic construction
•Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
Excellent quality


Enjoy gifting:)

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