Grasping Your Right Hand Notebook
Grasping Your Right Hand Notebook
Grasping Your Right Hand Notebook

Grasping Your Right Hand Notebook

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What a wonderufl thought that has been recorded for us, Jehovah is always holding our hand:)

I am in love with these new portfolios, the colors turn out so bright and vibrant and I love that they can be refilled over and over again!

They can be used for the meetings or the ministry. They are great for, holding tracts, taking notes, and keeping not at home records. This is a thin crisp portfolio, you can slide in a few magazines for the morning, however I would recommend them more for a tract holder and note taker. You can also use tabs to divide your notebook for return visits.

It comes with a lined pad ready to use that can easily slide in and out and can be refilled time and time again. It also has a place to hold your pen and a flat pocket to keep your not at home records.

Size: 7"x9"
Feel: Soft smooth front, soft cotton side, and comfortable canvas back


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