Domestic Shipping Bundle: 8x10s and 11x14s

Domestic Shipping Bundle: 8x10s and 11x14s

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If you have added more than one 8x10 or 11x14 to your cart add this listing to your cart as well and let it be your one shipping charge for all your prints. Use the code below to cancel out the additional shipping charges.

Please only use this code for art prints shipping only, it can't be applied to other gifts. The company that I use is wonderful and they ship directly from their shop so I can't add other items to this package, so other gift items would need to be ordered separately. All other gifts can be combined in an order:)

Please please please only use this code if you buy this shipping option, otherwise I have to go through and fill out the paperwork to cancel the order and issue refunds...Thank you so much:)

Coupon code: shipping