50 Pioneer School Magnets : Teal

50 Pioneer School Magnets : Teal

Regular price $112.50

This design features the theme of the Pioneer School book "fully accomplish your ministry" 2 Timothy 4:5, we hope it's a nice reminder for years to come of the wonderful times they had will attending school!

50 Magnets

2.5" x 2.5"

$2.25 each

These are made to order, please allow 2 full weeks for processing time, right now we are only able to order them in sets of 50. If you have some left over they make great gifts for pioneers in your hall that may not be attending, or also gifting to the instructors, their wives and the staff that helps daily throughout the school.

If you would like to order a smaller number we made a 3 set of magnets for pioneers that would make a variety pack to gift to the friends. Here is a link:


Hope the pioneers love their gifts!



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