Gather, Sing & Dance : Musical Zoom Classes for Kiddos : Home-School

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Visit Nikiya's site to register your little ones up for her classes!

Here's a link to her classes

We wanted to take a space here to share with mom's a new class starting for young ones through zoom.

I worked with Nikiya in the Persian group in NY. She was always busy either pioneering or teaching music one on one with students. A few years ago she moved upstate to began commuting to Bethel and being in a more isolated area she developed a wonderful program for group classes through zoom. 

Easily log your kiddos in and let them dance their energy out, while learning all sorts about music. You can join in on the fun or have fun all on your own. Either way, everyone wins!These classes are for mom's who home-school and are looking for ways to connect their little ones with others to socialize with their brothers and sisters from around the world, as well as turn over some teaching time to a tutor. 

Hop over to her website to learn more about these interactive classes.

*no need to add this to your cart, you can visit her site to sign up:)

Gather, Sing & Dance : Musical Zoom Classes for Kiddos : Home-School