Letter Writing & Telephone Ministry Essentials (click)

Hi friends!

Looks like we will still have lots of letter witting and telephone witnessing days ahead of us. We wanted to put together a list of essentials that many are finding helpful here:)

1. Letter Writing Memo Pads, these pads are perfect!! We have 3 more styles coming in around early September. They have 70 sheets, and are bound like a booklet, with a super easy peel side once your letter is complete. They come with a sturdy cover to keep your memo pad perfectly pretty until you are ready to write. Update: These memo pads are currently sold out, however we have 3 new styles coming around September 25th.

Letter Writing Memo Pad

2. Our Organizers, these come in 7 colors now and continue to be a favorite of many. These were made for the door to door work however with their tall pockets these easily transitioned to keeping all of my telephone and letter writing ministry supplies nicely arranged and ready for use.


3. Letter Writing Downloadable Sheets, there are great for ones who like lots of space to write since they print in the 8 x 11.5 size. Print them as much as you like to brighten up your letters.

Printable Stationery

4. Our newest Return Visit Loose Leaf Mini Binder, these were a request of many and are perfect for keeping a tidy return visit notebook, which many have seen can easily become full with the telephone work.

Return Visit Notebook Loose Leaf

5. Pens, pens, pens! We are seriously in love with these new pens. The weight of them is so nice, they have a stylus tip to use along with your tablet, the rose gold with vintage colors is so cute, all around these are a great addition to your stationery. We have new ones coming in around September, can't wait to share them with you!


6. Ministry Cards, these were also requested by many and are a great way to send something special to a return visit. 


Hope you finds ways to thoroughly enjoy your stay at home ministry:) 

Dana xo

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